Accounting & Tax Services and Fees



Our chartered accountants provides a bookkeeping services and accounting services for companies. Singapore limited companies have to maintain their books and prepare annual financial statements to ensure that their tax returns are filed annually. Our comprehensive set of solutions ensures the maintenance of accounting records in compliance with the Companies Act and Singapore Accounting Standards.
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 - Annual Bookkeeping   - Preparation of year-end financial statements

 - Tax Registration

  - Filing of ECI and Income Tax Return with IRAS

For companies with high monthly transaction volumes, offers monthly bookkeeping for medium volume (<100 entries per month) and large volume (<200 entries per month) transactions companies. Fees are payable on a per month basis.

Corporate Taxation in Singapore

Hiring professionals to manage your accounts ensures that you do not face any last minute problems in filing your taxes. In Singapore, private limited companies have to furnish Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) within three months after the end of its financial year. Private Limited Companies are also required to file its Income Tax Return by 30 November the following year.

A company is liable to pay tax on income accrued in or derived from Singapore or income received in Singapore. Income includes gains or profits from any trade or business, income from investment such as dividends, interest and rental, royalties, premiums and any other profits from property and/or other gains of an income nature. In Singapore, capital gain is not taxable. For example, companies are not taxed on gains on sale of fixed assets and/or gains on foreign exchange on capital transactions.

The corporate tax rate was reduced from 18% to 17% in 2010. Companies also enjoy tax exemptions subject to individual companies. Contact us to find out whether your company is eligible for the tax exemption scheme.